Configure Authentication Options in Microsoft CRM Portals

Every company has a different sign in requirement. Unfortunately, the template for the ‘Sign in’ page is not exposed to edit. However, some authentication options can be configured in Site Settings:

01 Go to Portals and Site Settings

Simply setting the value field as ‘true‘ or ‘false‘ shows or hides the associated area(s).

Site Settings Associated Areas
Authentication/Registration/Enabled Register & Redeem Invitation
Authentication/Registration/InvitationEnabled Redeem Invitation
Authentication/Registration/OpenRegistrationEnabled Register
Authentication/Registration/LocalLoginEnabled Sign in with Local Account
Authentication/Registration/AzureADLoginEnabled Azure AD button
Authentication/Registration/ExternalLoginEnabled External Account Area


Following are screenshots demoing the changes for each Site Setting listed above:


02 Hide Registration02b Hide Registration02c Hide Registration - After


03a Hide Invitation Code03b Hide Invitation Code03c Hide Invitation Code - After


04a Hide Registration04b Hide Registration04c Hide Registration - After

Authentication/Registration/LocalLoginEnabled05a Hide Local Login05b Hide Local Login05c Hide Local Login - After


06a Hide External Account Signin06b Hide External Account Signin06c Hide External Account Signin - After

Authentication/Registration/ExternalLoginEnabled06d Hide External Account Signin - After06e Hide External Account Signin - After

06f Hide External Account Signin - After

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