How to add a User in Office 365 or Dynamics CRM Online?

Note: You will need Administrator access to your Office 365 account to proceed.

In the Office 365 Admin Center, click ‘Add a User’

  1.  Go to and sign in with your Microsoft Credentials.
  2. Click on the ‘Admin‘ center icon.
    Office 365 Admin CenterIf you do not see the icon on your Office 365 home page, please contact your admin as you do not have the required permissions.
  3. If you see the ‘User’ tile, click on ‘Add a user‘ .Alternatively, on the menu, you can go to ‘Users’ > ‘Active users’ > ‘Add a user’.

  1. Fill in the user’s name, username and location. 
  2. You can fill in the contact information in the ‘Contact Information‘ section.
  3.  Next, you can either auto-generate the password or create a password. Here, you can also choose if you’d like to give the user the ability to change it on login.
  4.  In the roles section, you can provide the appropriate role to the user. For Dynamics 365 user, if you’d like to assign the user an admin role and access to the Dynamics 365 admin center, you can select ‘Dynamics 365 service administrator’ under ‘Customized Administrator’. 
  5. In the ‘Product Licenses‘ section, you can assign the appropriate licenses to the new user. 
  6. Lastly, if required, you can email the password for record. 

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