4 Reasons Why Your Business Rules aren’t Working

  1. Activated: Starting from the obvious, check if your Business Rule is active.1. Check if Business Rule is activejpg
  2. Validation Error: Validate your Business Rule, especially if it was moved from a different environment. To do so, simply click the ‘Validate’ button.2. Validate Business Rule
  3. Scope: The scope of the Business Rule defines on which form the Business Rule should run. Ensure that this is set to the correct form or ‘All Forms’ or ‘Entity’.3.Check the scope of the Business Rule
  4. Fields on the form: If the scope of your Business Rule is set to a form or all forms, validate if all fields referenced in the Business Rule are present on the form. If any one of the fields is missing from the form, then the Business Rule will not work.


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