How to update Portal Site Title?

The default title for a Microsoft CRM Portal is the concatenation of the current page name followed by the installed Portal type. Although you cannot change the format, you can easily update the suffix as follows: Navigate to 'Portals' > 'Content Snippets' Search and open the 'Browser Title Suffix' record. Update the 'Value' field to... Continue Reading →

Configure Authentication Options in Microsoft CRM Portals

Every company has a different sign in requirement. Unfortunately, the template for the 'Sign in' page is not exposed to edit. However, some authentication options can be configured in Site Settings: Simply setting the value field as 'true' or 'false' shows or hides the associated area(s). Site Settings Associated Areas Authentication/Registration/Enabled Register & Redeem Invitation... Continue Reading →

How to Update Key Portal Settings?

The steps below show how you can update the fundamental Microsoft CRM Portal Settings: Go to Dynamics 365 Administration Center. Click 'Applications' to go to the Applications tab. Select the name of your portal from the list. Click 'Manage'. This will open the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Portal Administration Page in a new tab. On the... Continue Reading →

Reasons Why Your Calculated Fields aren’t Calculating

If your calculated field isn't calculating, you must do the following: If the calculated field is a ‘Currency’ field, check if the Currency lookup is populated for that record Verify that all fields referenced in the calculation are present and populated Re-check your formula   Thanks for stopping by! 

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